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Mobile gaming security is a critical parameter these days

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May 16, 2016

Did you know that multiple data security breaches have occurred on gaming publishers and networks in recent years?

Most of us have probably heard of the PlayStation network issues or the account hijackings that occurred on the popular gaming website

No matter how we love them, we gaming aficionados must come to the terms that our love of gameplay makes us easy targets for nefarious cyber criminals.

These online information predators know that they can get your information whether it be banking data to personal information. They can even gain access to information about the main character that is asscociated with you and tons of other pieces of important personal data as well.

It really doesn't matter who you are, if you are perceived to be someone with a lot of money to spend (even if you are new to gaming), you'll be targeted just like the experienced gamers with a huge collection of inventories and large reservoirs of game credits that can be stolen and sold to other players.

Because of all these nasty people lurking around the internet, it is the responsibility of game publishers and developers to protect gamers from these insidious attackers.

However, in a recent survey by the gaming security company PlayFab, some surprising findings were brought to life. Before you get worried that a gaming company may offer a biased opinion and that the information may not be accurate, it's important to know more about the entity that is PlayFab.

PlayFab provides services, like analytics and monetization, to building a MMO and other similar games, as well as the tools used to operate them. In other words, this company is responsible for keeping track of what players are doing in games and making sure that the game offers them with a custom eyes experience, no matter what activity they embark on.

To gain this insight, they use targeting techniques gleaned after analyzing their findings. Another part of this equation requires that they help keep player information secure and away from the hands of cyber criminals.

And, this is where things get to get a little sticky. The CTO of PlayFab, Matt Augustine, believes that although gamers think highly about their data security, they don't have confidence that developers take it as seriously as they do.

In other words, gamers don't trust video developers. So to keep their information safe, gamers resort to ineffective tactics, like providing the game with fake information.

But that's not all, the survey also reports even more stunning results that will absolutely knock you over your feet.

For example, one part of the report suggested that approximately 70 percent of respondents never knew that any type of security breach occurred. And when you consider a large amount of breaches that have occurred in the past few years, it's a huge surprise.

And one that may indicate that gamers may not be too far off in their perception, in most respects anyways. For instance, most experienced gamers who like to play for real cash know that when they visit Vegas Palms a safe and secure online casino, they can relax and put their minds at ease knowing that their information is 100 percent safe.

This perception of gaming developers may be false, but it still exists nonetheless. Thus, many gamers are taking extra steps to ensure the security of their online gaming experience.

Some of these include:

  • They use different passwords on different web sites, games and services.
  • They only use well known platforms.
  • They don't buy virtual goods or credit outside of the game.
  • Were you stunned by what you just read? Do you think that gaming developers have gotten a bad rap? No matter where you stand on the issue, share your thoughts on our website. We would love to hear your opinion.

    Source: Vegas Palms.

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    Read the latest IT news. Visit Updated several times daily.

    If you need reliability when it comes to SMTP servers, get the best, get Port 587.

    Get a powerful Linux Dual-Core dedicated server for less than $2.67 a day!

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