October 31, 2019

What We Do

The team we have onboard is highly-trained at leveraging state-of-the-art intelligence and cyber technologies, tools, strategies, and practices to assist both beginners and experts alike in solving cyber complications, expanding their knowledge, and building their cybersecurity capabilities.

Here’s what we offer:

Risk And Vulnerability Assessment

We can access network and application vulnerability on a regular basis and give detailed risk assessment reports accompanied by appropriate solutions. These insights can then be used to better defend your organization against cyber threats.

DDoS Detection And Mitigation

DDoS is still, undoubtedly, one of the most prominent cyber-security threats. We offer a complex bouquet of DDoS mitigation and detection services. We can help determine the threat and see how to rectify the issue.

Big Data Analytics

We can provide you with secure, scalable, and easily deployable solutions designed to solve difficult data processing and storage requirements. The Big Data informatics and analytics we offer will help accelerate your time to value without disrupting operations. Our cutting-edge machine learning, data mining, and time-series distribution algorithms help provide deep-insights on data.

Development And Deployment

If you go with us, you can expect to learn how to deploy and develop secure communications systems, mobile applications, cloud-based and network solutions, including malware sandbox, intrusion detection systems, honeypot, darknet, firewalls and intrusion prevention systems. When using our services you can protect your network by analyzing malicious communications and report, alert, notify, and detect threats instantly.

Real-Time Intelligence

When cyber attacks happen, if you can’t see or find it then you probably won’t be able to fix it. We have agents on endpoints (both external or internal) and roaming for real-time views which will allow you to spot threats and vulnerabilities early so you can avoid damage by taking instant action.