October 31, 2019


Our Security Information and Event Management can do several things. It can;

  • Analyze and process any computer-interpreted data
  • Use dynamic dashboards to visualize all data in real-time
  • Detect and access malicious and suspicious network and internet activities
  • Help Security Operation Center features
  • Generate reports, alerts and notifications for decision-making, IT management, business intelligence, and mitigation purposes.

The SIEM systems we offer use of open-source tools and software. This helps the systems provide cyber-security analytics and business intelligence based on certain databases and logs such as:

  • Sensor logs for IoT security
  • Darknet and social media for brand protection
  • Cyber-physical security and industrial control systems for critical infrastructure security
  • WEB and internet logs designed for cyber-security protection
  • IDPS protection and intrusion for threat detection
  • Third-party and private data for computer forensics, digital investigators and researchers.