What Is Phishing?

Phishing attacks are basically when an individual with ill-intent sends you emails that appear to be from people or companies you know. These can happen within everyday households. Oftentimes, the email’s text will be warning you of a problem that needs to be fixed and it will provide you with a link on how to do so.

Clicking on the said link will then transport you to an official-looking website of the company that supposedly sent the email. Everything will appear very authentic, however, it’s not. You’ll be requested to give your password and username so you can settle the problem. But, the information you give the said company will not go to them. Instead, the individual who sent the email is the one who’ll get the information.

Just like that, now, that person has the information needed to get into your real account. This is what phishing is all about.


A phishing attack can seem very scary sometimes, however, the important thing is to always stay alert.  So long as you keep cautious and observant, then spotting attempts is something you should be able to do with relative ease. Oh, and always keep in mind that your security chain’s weakest link is people.

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