Does Your SMB Really Need Cyber-Security

You’ve probably heard about those cyberattacks big companies such as eBay, Yahoo, JP Morgan Chase, Target Stores, Adobe, Sony Pictures. Even the big boys suffer from attacks sometimes, yes? Many SMBs operate with the mindset that they have no value to attackers because they are small. They often have that mentality of, “What would they want from a small outfit like mine?”.

However, you’d probably never leave your business’ doors open after closing hours, would you? When you don’t take cyber-security measures, you’re essentially leaving the doors to your data open.

If you believe your business can’t be attacked because it’s small, you need to think seriously.

Why would a hacker be interested in your small business right? Well, the answer is pretty simple. You do not see your operation as a potential target, making it vulnerable. However, security by obscurity does not exist anymore. Furthermore, because there’s a high chance your small business will lack the protection resources large enterprises have, this instantly makes it a highly desirable target.

Prevention Is Key

As we’ve mentioned above, reasons for the attack are why it’s vital you take preventative measures to always secure your business’ data. If you’ve got up-to-date backup systems, your systems can be wiped down and then restored again. This might halt all operations for some time, but that beats the alternative: losing everything or being held at ransom via ransomware attachments and the like.


All your network endpoints need to be protected. This includes all tablets, smartphones, laptops, desktops and all IoT devices, in general. Anything that has any access to your networks should always be secured.

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