October 31, 2019

Risk Management Tool

If you’re still spending long hours manually managing your risk using spreadsheets, then this one’s for you. Risk management is one of the things that will give both security professionals and executives the most headaches. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

Our cyber risk management platforms will help you easily deal with governance, security risks, and compliance with the set standards. Both regulations and standards can help business operations create better cyber-security procedures. This will allow for the mitigation of threats against continuous and complex cyber-attacks. Risk assessment programs play a key role when it comes to the development of such regulations and standards.

With that said, the risk management platforms we offer will help with asset insertion, risk assignments, mitigation planning and reviews, task tracking and prioritization, and visual trends and reports. This is often achieved via benchmarks and international standards the likes of ISO, NIST and such.

Some of the task items we offer include;

  • Penetration Testing (Pen Testing): This is the practice of testing computer networks, systems or we applications with the goal of finding vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit.
  • Vulnerability Assessment: This process mainly entails ranking (or prioritizing), estimating, quantifying and identifying the potential vulnerabilities that a system or network may have.
  • Reporting: This involves generating reports whenever they’re required, and this will allow one to keep a close eye on things every step of the way.

With our risk management services, we’re often leveraging comprehensive approaches to help professionals and executives properly evaluate the readiness levels of their organizations and prepare them for any threats before they happen. Contact us for information on how we can help make this happen for you and your organization.