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Security breach at Interxion exposes contact details of thousands of users

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January 11, 2016

A rather complex security breach at European data centre company Interxion has exposed the contact details of thousands of its customers, although no financial information is thought to be involved.

Neither credit card details nor customer services were affected by the security snafu that occurred in December, and only Interxion’s CRM system was affected, as the carrier-neutral colocation provider explained in an email sent to customers last weekend.

``Despite the multiple levels of protection in place, Interxion became aware last month that it had suffered a breach in our IT security,`` said a company statement.

``The result of all this was a temporary and localised compromise of the various credentials to our CRM system, which resulted in the unauthorized access to some customer and prospect contact details,`` the company added.

The business contact information that was accessed consisted of names, job titles, and business contact details such as email addresses and phone numbers.

No financial or other sensitive customer data was accessed, or is stored within this system. We emphasise that this incident only affected Interxion’s CRM system and did not impact or involve any of the data centres or services that Interxion provides.

``No actions are required by you or any of our other customers and prospects regarding this incident.``

We learned of the security breach from one of the customers who received the email, who has asked to remain anonymous. The main impact of the breach is in leaving business customers of the ISP exposed to greater risk from more convincing phishing scams, or other social engineering attacks, which might now feature genuine name, email and phone addresses.

A total of 23,200 customer records held on Interxion’s CRM have potentially been exposed by what the company characterises as a security vulnerability rather than a configuration error.

An Interxion spokesman said that the “security vulnerability has been fixed and we have informed the appropriate authorities”.

“The incident did not impact or involve any of the data centres or services that Interxion provides,” he added.

“The data compromised was that of our CRM system. The fields exposed were names, job titles, and contact details and no other contact information was compromised,” the company repeatedly asserted.

Source: Interxion PlC.

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