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Avast anti virus software has compatibility issues with Windows 8 and 8.1

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November 24, 2014

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Anti-virus security software firm Avast is trying to determine why the combination of recent Windows security patches and updates to Avast's software are freezing personal computers.

Hundreds of Windows users have found that their PCs, especially those running Windows 8 and 8.1, grind to a halt after they apply both Microsoft's recent KB3000850 security update and Avast's latest automatic anti virus updates.

Some users report that their PCs won't boot, or take forever to apply security patches. The Avast forums record many users venting their frustration.

And Microsoft isn't immune either-- a company thread titled Major issues with KB3000850 includes plenty of people wondering why the company issued an update incompatible with third-party anti virus software.

For the past 7 years, Avast has been offering a very popular anti virus service with daily updates that is used by thousands of PC and laptop owners.

That criticism may not be entirely fair, as an Avast staffer has posted the following explanation for the snaffu.

“We have been able to simulate the issue in our labs and I think we fixed this problem. This Windows update calls new memory-related functions which are not fully compatible with Avast.”

The poster, by the name of “PK” promised an update to remedy the situation and later reported that the patch was issued last Friday.

A few forum members seem to be having trouble even with the automated patch, reporting a variety of new glitches including very slow downloads of the KB3000850 update on machines running Avast.

Whatever the cause, a few people are rather upset with both Avast and Microsoft, with the latter company most often felt to be blamed for the problems.

Microsoft forum moderator Rohit Siddegowda offers suggestions for overcoming the issues created by KB3000850 on the company's website.

Source: Microsoft and Avast.

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