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About Free BSD

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Briefly, Free BSD is a Unix-like operating system for the i386, IA-64, PC-98, Alpha/AXP, and Ultra SPARC platforms based on U.C. Berkeley's 4.4BSD-Lite release, with some 4.4BSD-Lite2 enhancements. It is also based indirectly on William Jolitz's port of U.C. Berkeley's Net/2 to the i386, known as 386 BSD, though very little of the 386 BSD code remains. Get more information on Free BSD on their website.

Free BSD is used by companies, Internet Service Providers, researchers, computer professionals, students and home users all over the world in their work, education and recreation.

Free BSD's project goals:
The goal of the Free BSD Project is to provide software that may be used for any purpose and without any strings attached. Free BSD believes that their first and foremost mission is to provide code to all people and for whatever purpose, so that the code gets the widest possible use and provides the widest possible benefit. That is the most fundamental goal of Free Software and one that Free BSD enthusiastically supports.

The Free BSD code falls under the GNU General Public License (GPL) or GNU Library General Public License (LGPL), which comes with slightly more strings attached, though at least on the side of enforced access rather than the usual opposite. Due to the additional complexities that can evolve in the commercial use of GPL software, Free BSD does, however endeavor to replace such software with submissions under the more relaxed Free BSD license, whenever possible.

For more information on the Free BSD project, visit their web site at:

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