Protect your corporate IT network from hackers and other unwanted intruders with Proxy Sentinel™. Click here for all the details and get the peace of mind you deserve.
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Internet Security

Proxy Sentinel™ Internet Security proxy

Save your company's valuable data with Proxy Sentinel™ from Internet Security. Click here for all the details.

Proxy Sentinel™ is today's highly secure, most powerful, versatile and flexible Internet proxy server and firewall available anywhere on the market. Proxy Sentinel™ is the result of close to a year of R&D at Internet Security's and GCIS's development laboratories. At a much lower cost than other competing proxy servers, Proxy Sentinel™ offers features and additional Internet protection that our competitors cannot even come close. Feature-rich, easily customizable, flexible and high scalability are just part of the many characteristics offered by Proxy Sentinel™.

Here is just a small sample of some of the many features and benefits available today from Proxy Sentinel™:

       The strongest and most impenetrable security firewall
       The industry's fastest cache and file server there is
       Absolutely the best Internet protection for any IT network
       Navigate the Internet with complete peace of mind
       On 24 hours a day, Proxy Sentinel™ fully protects your network
       Completely designed with the stable UNIX operating system
       The industry's most intelligent IP filtering server there is today

Proxy Sentinel™ is the most secure and dependable Internet proxy server on the market today.

Proxy Sentinel™ from GCIS comes complete with a highly scalable and dependable Internet proxy server, Free BSD Unix operating system, complete Internet proxy software, fully configurable firewall, file caching software and intelligent IP filtering. Also included is delivery*, configuration and installation at your premises. Proxy Sentinel™ comes complete with a full year of warranty, free technical support, software updates and regular
maintenance. We strongly recommend that a yearly
maintenance service contract be taken after your first year of support.

* FOB-Montreal, Quebec only, and within a 200 Km radius of the metropolitan Montreal area. Additional mileage will be charged outside this radius. Additional transportation fees will always be included in your final price quote or RFP when outside this radius.

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Proxy Sentinel™ is available with these optional, factory-added options:

     SCSI hard drive (highly recommended)
     Snort™ sniffing software to detect attempted attacks
     Data backup system, either tape, hard drive or CD-ROM
     Additional hard drive (available only as SCSI)
     DMZ - Demilitarized zone for even more security
     Log server (requires an extra server or just a pc will do)

In addition to all the many Internet security advantages and features offered by Proxy Sentinel™, there's more! Here are two very popular ones that are added as a bonus:

1) Proxy Sentinel™ significantly reduces latency. The definition of latency is the delay between when a client (a browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) makes a request and until the entire response is delivered back to the client. If clients on a Local Area Network (LAN) are using the services of a caching proxy server such as Proxy Sentinel™ on the LAN, the caching proxy server will always be able to respond faster to requests for information and the download of new web pages.

2) Proxy Sentinel™ effectively reduces traffic on any network, thus, in the end, it makes the network run much faster, while at the same time eliminating any chances of bottlenecks. Since copies of an HTML page or a graphic are stored locally on Proxy Sentinel™, any request for that item after the first one can be served using the proxy's storage of files on its local hard drive. Note: Internet browsers also have caches of files, albeit so much smaller in size and capacity. Proxy Sentinel™'s internal cache feature refers to an entirely separate matter and is viewed as an important feature, on top of all the others, namely its high Internet security features. Click here NOW to order your Proxy Sentinel™ today and get total peace of mind!

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Proxy Sentinel™ is the most secure Internet proxy server on the market today. Click here for more information.

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