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Firefox is a safer browser than Internet Explorer

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November 14, 2006

Recently, Mozilla commissioned a security study that reveals the anti-phishing filter in the Firebox version 2 browser is better than Microsoft's new Internet Explorer 7. The report shows that Mozilla's Firefox blocked 81.5 percent of all phishing websites. On the other hand, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7 flagged only 66.34 per cent of the security threats caused by potential phishing attacks.

In 117 instances, Firefox failed to flag a phishing site when IE 7 did. However, the Microsoft browser let 243 URLs slip through that Firefox would stop.

Sponsored by Mozilla, the study was performed by SmartWare, a technology, strategy and marketing company. The test methodology and their results were audited by Internet security testing provider iSEC Partners.

The test fed a series of known phishing URLs from PhishTank to the browsers over a period of two weeks in late October and early November 2006.

The report follows a September survey done by Microsoft which gave top marks to Internet Explorer 7. The study didn't test Firefox 2 but compared the browser to a series of seven third party security applications.

The Microsoft study was performed by 3Sharp, a company specializing in messaging architectures that has no track record in market research and security analysis.

Source: Vnunet


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