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Internet Security

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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The complex world of Internet Security is filled with uncertainty, rapid changes and unwanted IT network attacks. This section was specifically created to answer the most frequently asked questions we get almost everyday. Whether you're an IT manager, network administrator, systems programmer, analyst, CIO, CEO or simply a department head, you need to know what's happening in this ever-changing industry. In this FAQ section, we try to answer our most often-asked questions.

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Question: What is Proxy Sentinel™ and what can it do for me?

Answer: Proxy Sentinel™ is the result of close to a year of R&D at Internet Security's and GCIS's development laboratories. At a much lower cost than other competing proxy servers, Proxy Sentinel™ offers features and additional Internet protection that our competitors cannot match. Feature-rich, easily customizable, flexible, high scalability and availability are just part of the many characteristics offered by Proxy Sentinel™.

Here is just a small sample of some of the many features and benefits available today from Proxy Sentinel™:

           The strongest and most impenetrable security firewall
           The industry's fastest cache and file server there is
           Absolutely the best Internet protection for any IT network
           Navigate the Internet with complete peace of mind
           Always-on 24 hours a day, Proxy Sentinel™ fully protects your network
           Completely designed with the stable Free BSD Unix operating system
           The industry's most intelligent IP filtering server there is today

Please click here to learn more about Proxy Sentinel™ from GCIS.

Question: What is the difference between Proxy Sentinel™ and Firewall Sentinel™?

Answer: Proxy Sentinel™ is a full Internet proxy server, complete with its own secure firewall integrated in the same unit. Firewall Sentinel™ is essentially the same, but without the proxy server. Since many small companies
or small businesses running smaller networks don't always require the full
features of a proxy server, by buying only Firewall Sentinel™ they are
effectively saving almost 30% on the cost, and are still getting the best
Internet firewall protection there is in the industry.

Question: Who developed Proxy Sentinel™ and what is their experience in the field of Internet security?

Answer: Proxy Sentinel™ and Firewall Sentinel™ were completely developed by the General Center for Internet Services Inc. and took almost a year to develop. GCIS is one of Canada's oldest and largest Internet security, Internet services provider (ISP) and web hosting company. GCIS is also a major player in the field of e-commerce and B2B secure application development.

Additionally, in business since 1996, GCIS is an Internet application developer and integrator. The Center is also one of Canada's largest Internet Research and Development Center, with over 153 Canadian patents, over 55 U.S. patents and had approximately 330 patents pending as of August 1st, 2003. GCIS's intellectual property portfolio is as unique as it is diverse and fully reflects its serious commitment in developing and deploying innovative new Internet security technology and global Web-based solutions to modern business needs. GCIS is a North-American leader in Internet technology and Internet security development and integration.

Question: Two months ago, our company was hit with a network intrusion attack that resulted in the theft and misappropriation of confidential and very sensitive corporate documents. How can we prevent such attacks from further occuring? How can we tell if such an attack was done by one of our main competitors?

Answer: Unfortunately, that is a question we get almost daily. Since July of 2003, GCIS has made available Proxy Sentinel™, an extremely secure, scalable and almost impenetrable Internet proxy server that was designed and specifically developed to prevent such unwanted network intrusions. Since the Internet is now so much a big part of our corporate and private lives, companies, businesses and all levels of government must constantly take pro-active measures in preventing such attacks. As of July of 2003, many studies and government reports indicate that network intrusions and attacks, Denial of Service (DoS) attacks and outright hacking on corporate and government networks are rising continually. It is our hope that the Internet security solutions available on this website and, more specifically Proxy Sentinel™ will largely help prevent such attacks from ever happening.

As to the second question, using Proxy Sentinel™, with a reasonable amount of accuracy, it is now possible to determine approximately where an attack could have come from and then take the appropriate measures. However, Proxy Sentinel™'s mandate is not to determine where an attack came from but to protect the network it was intended to protect in the first place. By not letting any intruders in your network, you won't have to ever worry who might have tried to get in!

Proxy Sentinel™ is the most secure and dependable Internet proxy server on the market today.

Question: How does Proxy Sentinel™ works?

Answer: You will find all the answers to this often-asked question if you click here.

Question: Our company is located in New York City. Can you send an Internet security technical team here to install and configure Proxy Sentinel™?

Answer: Our Internet security technical team and field engineers cover all of North-America and can even be sent to South-America, Asia or Europe if need be. Client service and the best technical support is what's really important to us, at home or abroad.

Question: How much does Proxy Sentinel™ costs?

Answer: As of July of 2003, Proxy Sentinel™ is one of the lowest cost Internet proxy server and gateway on the market today. It costs significantly less than most solutions from our competitors. At a base starting price of only $ 4,995 Canadian, Proxy Sentinel™ offers the best value for the money. Our base model includes:

     A new Pentium IV machine, with 256 Megs of RAM and 40 Gig hard-disk
     Dependable FreeBSD Unix operating system, with a full year of tech support
     Full installation, configuration and testing at your company's premises *
     A full year of warranty & technical support on both hardware and software
     A full year of technical support via our toll-free phone lines or email support

* All prices are FOB-Montreal, Quebec and are included within a 200 Km radius of the metropolitan Montreal area. Additional mileage will be charged outside this radius. Additional transportation fees will always be included in your final price quote or RFP when outside this radius.

Additional pricing and availability information on Proxy Sentinel™ is available by clicking here.

Question: How long does it take to have Proxy Sentinel™ configured and installed?

Answer: Depending on your exact requirements and according to your specific Internet security protection needs, from the moment we get your order or PO (Purchase Order) in to the time we get to your premises and completely finish the extensive installation and configuration required on most installations, approximately two to three weeks in most cases. Fast and courteous service is important to us and customer service is our most important concern. Internet also has the best team of technical support technicians and network engineers in the industry, which all work hard to make all of this possible.

Question: On top of all the many advantages of using a good proxy server and the increased Internet security provided by it, are there additional reasons or advantages I would need to know before making my decision?

Two answers:

1) Proxy Sentinel™ significantly reduces latency. The definition of latency is the delay between when a client (a browser such as Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator) makes a request and until the entire response is delivered back to the client. If clients on a Local Area Network (LAN) are using the services of a caching proxy server such as Proxy Sentinel™ on the LAN, the caching proxy server will always be able to respond faster to requests for information and the download of new web pages.

2) Proxy Sentinel™ effectively reduces traffic on any network, thus, in the end, it makes the network run much faster, while at the same time eliminating any chances of bottlenecks. Since copies of an HTML page or a graphic are stored locally on Proxy Sentinel™, any request for that item after the first one can be served using the proxy's storage of files on its local hard drive. Note: Internet browsers also have caches of files, albeit so much smaller in size and capacity. Proxy Sentinel™'s internal cache feature refers to an entirely separate matter and is viewed as an important feature, on top of all the others, namely its high Internet security features.

Question: What else can Proxy Sentinel™ do for our company besides all of what's been said here?

Answer: On top of its all-important Internet security features, Proxy Sentinel™ is a very high-performance Internet proxy caching server for web clients. It fully supports FTP, HTTP data objects and even Gopher. Unlike traditional caching software, Proxy Sentinel™ handles all requests in a single and non-blocking I/O-driven process (Input-Output).

Proxy Sentinel™ keeps meta data and especially often-used web pages cached in its RAM. Additionally, it caches all DNS lookups, supports non-blocking DNS lookups and will even implement negative caching of failed requests. Proxy Sentinel™ fully supports SSL, extensive access controls and full request logging. By using a very lightweight Internet cache protocol, Proxy Sentinel™'s caches can be arranged in a hierarchy or mesh for additional bandwidth savings.

Proxy Sentinel™ consists of a main proxy server program, a Domain Name System lookup program DNS server, some optional programs for rewriting requests and performing authentication and also features helpful management and client tools. When Proxy Sentinel™ starts up, it spawns a configurable number of DNS server processes, in which each can perform a single, Domain Name System (DNS) lookup. This reduces the amount of time the cache waits for DNS lookups.

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Proxy Sentinel™ is the most secure Internet proxy server on the market today. Click here for more information.
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