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Firewall Sentinel™ technical specifications

Firewall Sentinel™ is today's most secure and most powerful Internet firewall there is on the market.

Firewall Sentinel™ is a full-featured, integrated, industrial-grade Internet firewall system that offers the highest Internet security and also features helpful management and client administrative tools. When Firewall Sentinel™ starts up, it spawns a configurable number of DNS server processes, in which each can perform a single, Domain Name System (DNS) lookup. This reduces the amount of time the cache waits for DNS lookups.

Firewall Sentinel™ fully supports SSL, extensive access controls and full request logging. Please click here to learn how Firewall Sentinel™ and Proxy Sentinel™ work and discover some of their most important Internet security features.

Here are the complete technical specifications and features of Firewall Sentinel™:

     Latency or delays: less than 1 ms
     Bandwidth restriction: none

Firewall Sentinel™ is the most secure and dependable Internet firewall on the market today.

Hardware and server characteristics:

     Server type: Pentium IV, 2.1 Ghz
     RAM on the base model: 256 Megs
     Hard drive capacity: 40 Gigs
     Motherboard: Gigabit
     Available expansion possibility: yes
     Server warranty: 3 full years, parts and labor

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