12 Ways to Protect Your Smartphone from Cyber Attacks

Smartphones and 7DS game have dramatically changed how we live our lives. However, what comes along with the convenience it provides are multiple serious threats. Since many more people are becoming dependent on their smartphones for banking, work, and studies, it is now more important than ever to do necessary measures to protect your smartphone from cyber attacks.

Here are several preventive measures you can take to protect your phone from cyber attacks:

  • Set a password

Some people may think that inputting a password every time they use their phones is a hassle. However, having a phone without a password only puts your phone at great risk for a lot of cyber attacks, especially if you ever lose possession of it. People with bad intentions can use your information to steal money or discredit your information so using passwords on your phone is a small effort to mitigate the risk of this happening.

Besides, there are some phones nowadays that have facial recognition that acts as a password so it wouldn’t be much of a hassle compared to inputting alphanumeric codes every time. .

  • Avoid sketch download sources

Another way to protect your phone from cyber attacks is by only downloading apps from official centers. This is because getting apps from 3rd party sources has plenty of unknown risks while those apps in the official app centers have already undergone vetting process for authenticity and security.

  • Backup and Encrypt your data

Keeping your files and documents on your phone through a cloud is a good idea if you want to save phone memory. However, these files can be at risk for hacking which is why if you do not want your important files to be lost, make sure to always encrypt your files for an extra layer of protection and in an event where they do get hacked or wiped out, at the very least, you will still have your files intact because you have your backups.

  • Read the app permissions thoroughly

It has been known that cyberattacks can get into your smartphones by allowing specific app permissions especially when you do not fully read their stipulations. This can be very dangerous because they can either be stealing your personal data and files or stalking your every move. If you do not want that to happen, be extra vigilant with the apps that you give access permission on your smartphones.

  • Be careful of the links you click

There have been many cases of a cyber attack through link phishing. These phishing links can either be sent through text, email, or even through messaging apps so be careful of the links that you click. If you do not personally know the sender or you feel like it’s out of character for them to send an unknown link, it is best to stop your curiosity and avoid checking the link at all.

Final Word

Do not be a victim of a cyber attack. Consider using the tips and practices mentioned above to mitigate your risk of being a victim. It is better safe than sorry.

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